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An Engineer Others Trust

With close to 30 years in the electronics and semiconductor industry, I use my position in my niche to help engineers and developers. As a freelance journalist and technical content creator, I speak to everyone, large and small, in this fascinating industry. This keeps my finger on the pulse of what is going on, what's hot, and the tech that is going to change our lives in the decade ahead. And, as a B2B influencer, I reach technical decision-makers across a range of channels, from LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube.

So, how did I get here? For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by electronics and everything that surrounds it. In the 1980s, I would read every magazine going and absorb the pages of component catalogs. In my first job in the electronics industry, I worked my way around every department I could, understanding how products were designed, manufactured, and tested.


Why are engineers interested in what I do? Well, surprisingly, access to information remains an enormous challenge for developers. Not because there is too little - there is too much! Combining my engineering experience with storytelling, I guide my audiences to solutions, tools, components, and semiconductors that they should take the time to review.

If you need an article written, require a moderator for your conference, or want a competent interviewer for your video, drop me a line via my contact form to find out how I can help.

"What people want above crystal clear explanation, high-protein information...and to do so in a way that is authentic, authoritative, and efficient."

Ros Atkins - The Art of Explanation

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