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Test and measurement equipment is no longer a gray box on an engineer's workbench. It's portable, flexible, configurable, and capable of test automation. Each month, I share what's available in Mouser's Electronics Information Update (EIU) magazine, informing developers looking to test anything from 5G and IoT to sensors and machine-learning applications.


Roll-your-own T&M with Advanced Sensors

Sometimes you don't want another piece of test equipment for the lab, or what is available is too expensive for the task at hand. No problem! Just pair up one of the many available sensor boards with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and log the data as you see fit.


You say high reliability, and I say high reliability...

High reliability (HiRel) means different things to different engineers since, after all, every application is different. You might be happy to have your product run for 30 years without issue, or be happy it survives a single week of motor racing without needing to be replaced. This issue looks at capturing environmental data and data logging during development.


Minimalist lab equipment for e-mobility development

E-mobility solutions include a lot of tech, from the battery and electric motor to IoT for hiring and billing. It's sensible to get a range of test equipment that supports the varied nature of the analysis you'll be doing. This article looks at compact, versatile, and portable T&M equipment that makes the task simpler.

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